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2018 NJCL Convention

Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

Refer to the NJCL Convention webpage for details.

Be sure click add to cart.

  • Enter the attendee's name
  • Enter the attendee's email
  • Use the drop down to select grade the student completed for 2018; if attendee is an adult, select 'Adult'
    • Anyone not registered as a JCL delegate must use this link to begin the required background check
  • If the attendee is a minor (or 18 and just completed the 12th grade), enter a parent's or guardian's email
  • Enter attendee's mailing address
  • Enter the attendee's Latin Teacher (NJCL Sponsor)
  • Enter the attendee's School Name (Chapter)

If registering more than one attendee, click add to cart after each, then use continue shopping to enter other attendees. 

PRE-CONVENTION HOUSING: If you are unsure of when the attendee will arrive, please add one pre-convention housing. If requested before June 15th, a full refund will be given for unneeded pre-convention housing.

Select 'Checkout' or 'View Cart' at the top. Review your order. After reviewing, click on 'proceed to Checkout'. Continue through checkout until you see 'place order'. 

PURCHASE ORDERS: When you reach the section for 'method of payment,' select PURCHASE ORDER and enter the purchase order number in the box. Teachers will supply the PO number or code to students. 

REFUND: A refund of $250.00 is available for cancellations if requested before June 15, 2018. ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS AFTER JUNE 15, 2018.

Attendee's First Name:

Attendee's Last Name:


Attendee's Email:

Parent Email:





Teacher / Sponsor:

School / Chapter:

Is this your first Convention?:

Pre-Convention housing (7/22 Sunday)

If you are unsure of when the attendee will arrive, please add one pre-convention housing (a full refund will be giving if the attendee does not need at a later date if requested before June 15)


After the attendee's NJCL membership is confirmed, or an Adult delegate's background check is completed, you will receive a link via email to complete the remaining registration information. This could take up to 7 business days. Thank you for your patience.


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